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Grünstraße 1
75172 Pforzheim

0049 7231 929220



Find your one thing!

Profit from many years of business know-how, a worldwide network of production partners and a wide range of material and techniques



  • brass
  • sterling silver
  • stainless steel
  • synthetic materials (e.g. plexiglas, acrylic, synthetic resin...)
  • fabrics
  • leather
  • glass
  • wood

...and many more



production techniques

  • casting techniques for silver and brass
  • stainless steel production
  • laser cutting, laser soldering, laser marking
  • stamping and cutting techniques
  • sewing and embroidery
  • classical goldsmiths' works (e.g. polishing, milling, casting)

...and many more




  • different galvanic platings
  • PVD color-coatings
  • different color-paintings for all materials mentioned above
  • hand-painted coatings for all materials mentioned above

...and many more



It is also possible to combine different materials and techniques in one piece of jewelery. Please contact me for any questions on material and technical options.