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Highlights aus unserer B2B Schmuckproduktion

Hier glitzert und glänzt es - unsere Highlights aus 25 Jahren Leidenschaft für die B2B Schmuck- und Accessoire Produktion. Jetzt anschauen & gleich anfragen!

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Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

A beautiful and extravagant close up of a necklace inspired by the legendary Bauhaus style. The necklace consists of single brass sticks connected via eyelets. The result: a modern, functional piece of jewelry from the Bauhaus era.

If this style inspires you, please contact us. The production technique developed back than can be easily revived to created similar, new pieces today!

Material: brass, gold-plated, matte finish


Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

Summer inspiration needed? This beautiful fish pendant with a SWAROVSKI crystal stone belly is the perfect summer accessory!

Its light and elegant design makes it a timeless piece of jewelry. It was produced for our family brand GROSSÉ in the 90s and belongs to an entire series of animal pendants in different colors - something that can be easily revived in a similar manner. Just contact us for further information.

Material: brass, silver-plated, SWAROVSKI crystal stone

Size: chain length ca. 45 cm; pendant ca. 5 x 5 cm


Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

A very elegant and classic necklace from the 60s that was produced for our family brand GROSSÉ. This piece is made of gold-plated brass BUT the entire production was handled as if it was made from real gold. All chains as well as the final assembly of the single parts were hence handmade. This is a truly unique way of production - with the result that you can tell no difference between fashion jewelry and genuine jewelry. Do you want to learn more about our production methods? Contact us!

Material: Gold-plated brass

Size: Lenght ca. 50cm