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How to realize a men's jewelry collection

Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

Need inspiration and support for a collection of men’s jewelry?

The picture above shows just a few examples of men’s jewelry that we’ve realized in the past. For these pieces, we’ve used silver-plated brass, steel or sterling silver. The black chain has been polished with car paint.

When working on a collection of men’s jewelry profit from our experience and choose from the great variety of material and production methods we offer. We also support you in terms of design - either based on rough sketches or handmade prototypes. Small series are possible.


Brass, sterling silver, steel


Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

An arm cuff with a stainless-steel inlay covered with leather on the inside and fake fur on the outside. The arm cuff itself is completely flexible – thanks to the material used it can be easily widened when needed and always flips back to its original shape. It can hence be worn by people with the most different sizes of arm joints. The smooth leather used on the inside grants a very comfortable fit.

Material: Stainless steel arm cuff with fake fur and leather

Size: ca. 50mm width, ca. 16mm inner diameter