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Highlights aus unserer B2B Schmuckproduktion

Hier glitzert und glänzt es - unsere Highlights aus 25 Jahren Leidenschaft für die B2B Schmuck- und Accessoire Produktion. Jetzt anschauen & gleich anfragen!


Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

Photo credits: Manuel Grosse

This is a very big and opulent arm cuff made from Plexiglas, synthetic material and Swarovski glass beads in different colors. The arm cuff itself is made from transparent Plexiglas gemmed with Swarovski stones. The flowers have been specially tailored in unique shapes and colors and assembled onto the arm cuff. This extravagant piece was a runway prototype for a French brand.

Material: plexiglas, synthetic material, Swarovski glass beads

Size: inner diameter appr. 10 cm, width appr. 12 cm

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